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Seaway – The Garage – 13/05/15 | Live Review

Canadian pop-punkers Seaway showed why they are ready to take over the scene with the live show at The Garage. See what went down here.


Source: Kayla Elliott

Seaway are a 5-piece from Ontario, Canada, and they really know how to put on a pop-punk show. Their energetic spirit was somewhere between being the perfect warm up act and stealing the show. In fact, they are ready to steal the scene!

From the minute the band hit the stage, vocalist Ryan Locke just exudes high-energy, even when he’s just talking to the crowd. In fact Locke is so pop-punk he seems to have stepped straight out of a Jarrod Alonge video. Although look wise, you don’t expect the rough vocal that comes from him, with his neatly swept back hair, buttoned up shirt and glasses.

This rough vocal is off set by Patrick Carleton’s softer voice, the two of them each embodying pop and punk. It’s a similar set up to that of As It Is, making them a truly perfect support act for the British boys.

Even the slower songs, including the aptly named Slowing Down’, have enough of an edge to keep the crowd moving. There is never a lull during Seaway’s set, although things definitely build up towards the end. The crowd get more and more into the set as it goes on. At one point a circle pit breaks out with minimal encouragement from the vocalist, and there are even some crowd vocals audible over the band.

Overall, these guys are a great support act when it comes to getting the crowd in the mood. Their high energy is infectious and the whole audience is left bzuzzing, waiting for the next band.

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