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Seaway – Camden Underworld – 01/04/2016 | Live Review

Having already toured together before, Seaway made a great addition to the Knuckle Puck tour. Here’s what we thought of their set in London.


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Seaway have already toured with headliners Knuckle Puck before in the UK, so the bond between the bands comes as no surprise. It seems that tonight the crowd are just as excited to see the Canadian’s as they are tonight’s headline act, with the band reveling in bringing last year’s album Colour Blind to the UK for the first time.

The upbeat, buoyant brand of music which Seaway specialise in isn’t your traditional pop-punk, but has the feeling of 00’s emo thrown in, perhaps a result of frontman Patrick Carleton’s vocals ability which isn’t quite as high pitched as a lot of other pop-punk singers. Tonight’s set opened with ‘Airhead’, which is instantly a newfound live favourite for both band and fans alike. From here onwards we near enough hear the album in full with, only three of the ten tracks played being earlier material. A great showcase for the newer fans who may not have heard of the band before.

Fortunately older favourite ‘Shy Guys’ comes on just before they step off stage and causes a wave of excitement, with the band batting away stage-divers with relative ease. Tonight’s set closes with album opener ‘Slam’ and a chorus of voices scream out “Everything is cool, man!” in unison.

Seaway aren’t just about soaring chorus’ and real-life lyrics, although these are in abundance. There is an ecstatic air of positivity surrounding the venue. Stereotypical pop-punk isn’t the only way to go, and Seaway prove this.

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