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Rise Against – O2 Apollo, Manchester – 08/11/2014|Live Review

Kings of modern day punk, Rise Against treated us to a night to remember. Find out what we thought of their show!

Source: Jemma Dodd

For quite a number of people Rise Against and Pennywise is a match made in heaven, two of the biggest modern-punk bands around, touring, and together creating one hell of a party. With the recent release of Rise Against’s latest album Black Market, it was a chance for fans to see a fantastic mixture of both old and new tracks, and in the end just the opportunity to lose your minds.

Rise Against have become legends within themselves now, as Pennywise lead vocalist, Jim Lindberg, exclaimed, they’re one of the few punk bands who have not fallen prey to fame and money and have stuck quite firmly to their politically motivated music. Thankfully though, unlike other political bands they don’t try and spout their message half way through the set through the medium of a five minute rant. Rise Against use their music as their voices, and it’s sure as hell can be more powerful, and a lot less jarring at that.

Source: Jemma Dodd

The band jumped straight into the set with ‘Ready to Fall’, and immediately everyone went completely nuts, jumping, moshing, singing absolutely everything. The set they chose spanned their entire career, hand picking tracks from the vast majority of their 7 album career, creating what was essentially a damn near best of set, with a decent amount of emphasis being placed on promoting the new album. In saying that though, only three tracks were played from the new album, new single ‘Tragedy + Time’, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore’ and ‘People Live Here’. It was enough to introduce people to the new album, but not too much that those who haven’t had time to listen to it yet felt left out.

It was a perfect balance between old and new keeping everyone happy. The only strange moment was towards the start of the set where the band stopped playing for what felt like 5 – 10 minutes while asking people to step back from the barrier. We could only sumise that someone had been injured and that the band were concerned for their audience, which is commendable.

Source: Jemma Dodd

Tim McIlrath treated us to a two part encore, the first being an acoustic treat with new track ‘People Live Here’ and fan favourite ‘Swing Life Away’ being played to wide singing, although we were secretly hoping for ‘Hero Of War’ instead. The second encore comprised of ‘Make It Stop (September’s Children)’ and the main fan favourite ‘Savior’ which completed the night to a tee.

Although the sound mix was a little off in places, it didn’t detract completely from the show and even though you couldn’t perfectly pick out Tim’s vocals from the onslaught of sound around you it didn’t detract enough to make the show any less of an enjoyable ride, and even though there was that short down time which people were starting to get anxious with, it was quickly forgotten and the rest of the show went on without a hitch.

Review by: Callum Thomson
Photos by: Jemma Dodd

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