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Review: Willow Smith – 21st Century Girl (Single)

We check out hair whipper Willow Smith’s new track 21st Century Girl. Read our thoughts here….

Artist: Willow Smith
Release: 21st Century Girl (Single)

Willow Smith has had us whipping our hair back and forth recently and now she has  unveiled her new single 21st Century Girl which started raising some eyebrows for me.

While watching the video to review this track, I had to first sit through a painful 1 minute 36 seconds before any actual music starts leaving me very bored and distracted. When the music eventually starts I cant help but remember how young Willow is. At only 10 years old she looks tiny compared to her grown up dancers, which once again distracted me from her song.

When i started to finally focus in on the music I felt the lyrics just weren’t suitable for a 10 year old, but then again what could most 10 year olds sing about? Its way too young to be in the music business in my opinion. Here are some examples of the lyrics I felt didn’t fit; ‘I’m on a mission with no restrictions don’t second guess myself I’m born to be wild’, ‘I am a rebel but I do it with class i set the boundaries the rules don’t own me I’m living life on the edge, i choose my path’. I feel the lyrics had zero relevance to her or what she seems to be about.

In Whip My Hair, Willow Smith comes across as a smart young girl who is singing about having fun and throwing her hair around which i thought was great fun, I loved the song. But as for Willows new so called ‘riskier self’ that she’s portrayed in this track, I don’t seem to understand how a 10 year old thinks their living on the edge and calling the shots in their life. I feel I couldn’t connect to the song and I do feel Willows age has a lot to do with it. The beat itself was very modern and I enjoyed it, it’s just a shame the lyrics couldn’t follow.

Reviewer: Cassie Crue

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