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Two Bit Sister – The Jackal | EP Review

Check out our review of Two Bit Sister’s debut EP, The Jackal.

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Having formed only just last year, Two Bit Sister are an alt-rock group from Margate in Kent and have already released their first four track EP, The Jackal. The duo clearly stems their influences from the energetic Weezer and Nirvana to the rhythmic Jack White and Queens of the Stone Age.

The album kicks off with the opening track ‘The Jackal’, the up tempo beat and infectious hooks. The sombre tone set through the song highlights their laid back attitude and sound. Two Bit Sister aren’t a jumping band, they’re certainly something you would listen to lazing around in the sun to, but not really a get up and dance kind of outfit. The next track, ‘Turbulence’, further solidifies this claim. The highly Nirvana influenced track is certainly a foot tapping experience, and the fantastic chugging guitar riffs helps with breaking up the track that little bit. There is enough variation within the EP to stop it from becoming a dragging experience; instead it is a showcase to what Two Bit Sister have the ability to become. The Jackal is filled with obvious nods towards different influences; ‘Wanna Know’ and ‘Times Master’ are clear nods to the two different sides of Weezer. ‘Wanna Know’ is the more upbeat of the two tracks with ‘Times Master’ moving back towards the more laid back and relaxing tone that Two Bit Sister seem to be aiming for, only this time with a stoner rock infused beat within the background.

Only existing for a year and already coming out with an EP is always risky. Sometimes a band needs more time than that to know what they want to be, but Two Bit Sister have come out with a clear vision and direction that they’re going to aim for, keep an eye out for this band in the future.

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