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Review: Tonight Alive – Consider This (EP)

See what we thought of Aussie pop-punk group Tonight Alive and their new EP…

Band: Tonight Alive
Release: Consider This (EP)
Release Date: 02/04/12

Tonight Alive are a 5-piece pop punk group from all the way down under in Australia. They’ve toured with the likes of superstars Lost Prophets and 3OH!3, so something’s gotta be good!

Firstly, everyone has to love a female vocalist – especially one with looks to match her lovely voice. The overall style is similar to Paramore, but still has enough distinctiveness to seperate the two.

First track ‘Wasting Away’ kicks straight into fast riffs and chating choruses, showing everyone what Tonight Alive are about. Vocalist Jenna McDougall shows tremendous skill, hitting all the high notes and mixing soft vocals with soaring rises. She sings live every girl wished they could.

For a five track EP, it packs in a lot of punch. Tracks such as ‘Revenge and it’s Thrills’ are fast and sure to get you jumping, where final track ‘Invincible‘ mixes in a final hit of musical splendour with softer lyrics and vocals.

Overall, Tonight Alive has smashed it with a tremendous EP that will probably be stuck on repeat a good few times over. Big thumbs up from HTF!

Reviewer: Jasmine Sevette

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