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Review: TesseracT – Perspective (EP)

We got our hands on TesseracT’s new EP – see what we thought inside.

Band: TesseracT
Release: Perspective (EP)
Release Date: Out Now

UK prog metallers TesseracT have made a powerful opening statement with this largely acoustic EP, which manages to sample and capture the band’s atmospheric, melodic strengths apparent from ‘Perfection‘, a steadily paced beginning which leads into the rest of the startlingly unreal sound the Reading-born band have mastered.

‘April’ and ‘Origin’ are both refreshingly unique pieces of music and the acoustic trio of songs that kick off the record pack plenty of impact. Imagine the spacey melodies and dramatic vocals of Muse mixed with the slightly eerie progression and atmosphere of Opeth, with some A Perfect Circle impact and power rounding up some stand-up musical influences. All those bands put together makes one hyper-talented UK band with a lot to offer and hopefully a long career ahead of them.

The EP also contains a brave tackling of Jeff Buckley’s Dream Brother’, a classic song that fits the band as if it was written for them. TesseracT truly make it their own. ‘Eden 2.0’ is a powerful closing track packed with staccato distortion and epic vocals, which leaves you hungering for more of the band’s almighty technical prowess and musical confidence. ‘Perspective’ is a promising taste of things to come for TesseracT. If prog metal/rock is your thing and you haven’t checked them out yet – why not start here?


Reviewer: Laurence Braddow


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