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Review: Skip The Foreplay – Nightlife (Album)

See what we thought of Skip The Foreplay’s new album Nightlife here.

Artist: Skip The Foreplay
Release: Nightlife
Release Date: Out Now

‘Nightlife’ is the brand new album from Canadian party metallers Skip The Foreplay, released through Epitaph Records. It was recorded at  Bird Wazo studios in Montreal with Frank Daniel Shooflar (Blessed by a Broken Heart).

Fuelled by vicious drumming, intense guitar riffs, overwhelming vocals and epic synthesiser work, ‘Nightlife’ is every genre-hopping fan’s dream. Every single track on the album could be released as a single, each being incredibly strong and standing out from the rest. What you get from ‘Nightlife’ is almost 45 minutes of frantic death-core with some of the most wild and exciting electronica to date.

Some of the most interesting and clever parts of the album come at times where a breakdown can become a dance floorfiller or when you get that euphoric feeling after slamming down the previous riff. Not one track is wasted on the album, something that a lot of bands on the same scene tend to do. It’s worth parting your pennies for, that’s for sure. Also as an added extra you get last year’s cover of ‘Champagne Showers’ in all its awesomeness. That alone is more then worth the parting price on iTunes.

This album is the start of something beautiful; we can feel it. Heavy, happy and full of character, Nightlife will leave you bruised, bloodied and all partied out.


Reviewer: Leigh Brooks

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