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Review: Signals Midwest – Light On The Lake (Album)

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signals-midwest-light-on-the-lake Artist: Signals Midwest
 Album: Light On The Lake
 Release Date: Out Now

After a lot of positive reviews from their 2012 album “Latitudes and Longitudes”, Signals Midwest are back with a new full length.

Even though they may identify themselves as pop-punk don’t let that fool you because they are so much more then just your typical pop-punk band! With this album they are taking on more, with the first couple of tracks ‘308’ and ‘In The Pauses’ you get hints of the pop-punk style but with more of the emo, post-hardcore sound that Taking Back Sunday have been doing very successfully for thirteen years. The rest of the album follows in similar style. ‘A Room Once Called Yours’ definitely has more of a pop-punk sound to it.  ‘St. Vincent Charity’ is one of the slower songs on the album and anyone who has loved the alternative scene in the past 20 years will find something on the album that they love.

‘The Desert To Denver’ is where I can really hear the Taking Back Sunday style coming in more then anything else. The vocal style and the melody just makes the track feel like it belongs on “Tell All Your Friends”. The lone guitar and Max Stern’s vocals really make the opening to ‘An Echo, A Strain’ a more emotional one. Then kick in with pop-punk guitars and drum. This song doesn’t feel very different from ‘The Ballad Of Sal Villanueva’ by Taking Back Sunday.

This album does have elements of blink-182 in it in the more core pop-punk sense and some of +44 in other places, but I cant put my finger on the other artist they remind me of. ‘Caricature’ really has the more +44 Mark Hoppus’ style but with more guitars. It’s slightly slower then one of +44’s tracks, which makes it easier on the ears. The acoustic offering of ‘Greater Plains’ gives us a nice change of pace as we enter the final tracks on the album. And the final track on the album ‘A Glowing Light, An Impending Dawn’ is a nice slow track to finish the album, but doesn’t take away the feel of the rest of the album. The track finishes with a short fast paced section followed but the final lines sung just over a guitar. It’s a very nice way to close out the album.

If you love Taking Back Sunday and +44, I would recommend this to you. Whether you will like it or not well….


Reviewer: Kayla Elliott

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