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Review: Rammstein – Pussy/Rammlied (Single)

Name: Rammstein
Release: Pussy/Rammlied (Single)
Release Date: 21st Sept 2009

Label: Universal

After four years of studio-abstinence Germany’s most successful rock band Rammstein return to the scene with their brand new double A side single ‘Pussy/Rammlied’. This single is their first from their sixth studio album ‘Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da’ (‘Love is there for Everyone’). A ironic album title as the music video for this single is very explicit and has been compared to porn!

Their sound has been dubed as ‘Tanz-Metal’, literal meaning of Dance Metal. Their songs are usually either entirely in German or partially in English, this song seems to be partial. The track kicks in pretty quick to Rammstein’s usual abundant metal sound. Having a very heavy gothic pitch makes it all the more interesting to listen to. A matter of taste though, if you don’t like German language in a record, or like hearing accents as they sing some English lyrics, don’t bother. But most of Rammsteins fan’s in this country must know what to expect after half a dozen albums. They are remembered and loved for there explicitness.

Loaded with metal abundance this single is sure to start mosh pits and form head bangers galore.
It will most definitely become popular because of its pure wisecracking subject matter and by having unambiguous and outspoken lyrics such as:

‘You’ve got a pussy, I have a dick. So, what’s the problem? Let’s do it quick’

Rammstein unleash its filthy mind to the world and presents what really goes on in every male mind. (With a German twist to it tho, obviously!) So this single, and no doubt the music video, are going to be extremely conventional.

Reviewer: Steph Knight

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