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Review: Of Mice & Men – The Depths (Single)

Check out what HTF thought of Of Mice & Men’s new single ‘The Depths’ here!

Band: Of Mice & Men
Release: The Depths (Single)
Release Date: Out Now

Austin Carlile’s vocals blasting through speakers is a monstrous sound that will definitely wake you up. Of Mice & Men have released new single ‘The Depths’ in preparation for the reissue of ‘The Flood’ and probably to gear up listeners before their impending run on the Vans Warped Tour. ‘The Depths’ kicks off with intense energy and ear-shattering vocals from Carlile and continues to show off a track which is aggressive, heavy and deep.

A little over 90 seconds into the song the deep plummeting guitar changes to a milder chugging allowing Austin to pour over the fact that he‘s “gonna miss your face for a long long time”.

The track is everything you’d expect from Of Mice & Men and is an instant anthem in preparation for their live show with Carlile’s trademark howl leaving its mark on the track and your ears.


Reviewer: Rhian Westbury

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