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Review: Missing Andy – Generation Silenced (Album)

Check out Missing Andy’s latest album review here!

Band: Missing Andy
Album: Generation Silenced
Release: OUT NOW!

It is hard not to be cheerful when listening to this album. One word: WOW! This album is one of the best feel-good albums I’ve heard recently. The sing-along chorus of ‘Alive’ kick off this album with a gripping start. The bouncy beats make you want to get up and dance right from the get go!

Other songs on the album such as ‘Take Me Home’ really capture the talented vocals of Alex Greaves singing lyrics that everyone can relate to.

This album has a perfect balance of party anthems and slow ballads with meaningful, heart-felt lyrics. ‘Sunshine’ is a beautifully written song with elegant keys and striking lyrics.

‘Heartbeat Away’ and ‘Indie Kid’ have a fast paced jumpy sound similar to Franz Ferdinand but with their own unique twist.

The highlight of the album, has got to be the last few lines of the very last song, ‘Scum’. These words say it all: “Christ how long are you gonna keep pointing the same fingers at us? Painting us with the same old brush, same old story. How about taking a look at yourself wake up and smell the coffee. You bunch of ignorant mugs. Cause and affect, you messed it up. We’re now living in it. Cheers”

No more needs to be said.

HTF highly rate this album, it is definitely worth a listen.

Reviewer: Louisa Smith

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