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Review: Megadeth – Th1rt3en (Album)

Check out what Hit The Floor have to say about Megadeth’s latest album: Th1rt3en!

Band: Megadeth
Release: Th1rt3en (Album)

Th1rt3en, the thirteenth studio album by thrash metal band Megadeth is the last album of three, recorded with record label Road Runner Records.

The album compromises between old and new records which they never got round to releasing.

‘Sudden Death’ is one song featuring on the album that was originally recorded for new Guitar Hero game: Warriors of Rock. This song is a generic Guitar Hero song with long technical solo’s that shows nothing more than the expert skill of guitarist Chris Broderick.

Next on the album is ‘Public Enemy No.1’ which was released as a single in September on Dave Mustaine’s 50th birthday.  Mustaine’s throaty vocals shout out heart felt lyrics about 1920’s gangster ‘Al Capone’. This song references gun crime and violence in several areas, ultimately a fast and dangerous record.

Another pre-released song on the album is the third track ‘Whose Life (Is It Anyway)’. This punchy jaw breaking song is another technically produced record, with fast punky drum beats.

Overall, the album consists of, that’s right you guessed it, thirteen songs. All of which are skilfully written to produce another staggeringly brilliant album.

This is another untimely record by Megadeth, who are famously known for producing a wide range of phenomenal albums that stand out above the rest.

One thing I respect the most about Megadeth, is they never fall into the category of ‘modern thrash’. They are able to keep it old school, without going out of fashion. It might not be a record breaking album, but it delivers the fans what they want. Heavy f***ing metal.

Reviewer: Louisa Smith

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