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Review: Mayday Parade – Monsters In The Closet (Album)

Find out what we thought of Mayday Parade’s new album Monsters In The Closet here…


Band: Mayday Parade
Album: Monsters In The Closet (Album)
Release Date: October 8th

Having formed in late 2005, it’s safe to say that  Tallahassee natives Mayday Parade are pros at creating powerful pop-punk anthems which are dance along favourites amongst their keen and ever growing fan base. The band’s latest release, ‘Monsters In The Closet’, is no different.  Lashed with their signature larger-than-life sound, the album features a collection of twelve brash titles that highlight how the five-piece have grown and matured as musicians yet still posses the same amount of rock energy they did when they first formed.

Opening up with ‘Ghosts’  the song is almost as mystic as the title with vocalist Derek Sanders’ providing haunting vocals that work in conjunction with Jake Bundrick’s powerful beats.  Bundrick’s rhythm provides a backbone to the track of which Sanders’ vocals fit in perfectly and cause the title to grow and grow. Sure to get the crowd moving in a classic Mayday Parade style, the lyrics are relateable with the song addressing a personified version life’s problems as ghosts.   “There’s a ghost in my bedroom, it haunts me at night. I’ve asked him to leave, but he keeps stopping by” coons the front man, as he takes the listener on an emotional journey of the ups and downs in life.

Hit The Floor favourite ‘Girls’ is one of the more drama-fuelled titles with Sanders exploring love, loss and how to deal with heartache. The song is fairly straightforward, with shout out loud choruses and a mixture of animated harmonies which encapsulate all the qualities we love about Mayday Parade.

Next up we hear ‘Last Night A Table For Two’, where arguably the listener hears a much more edgier side of the band. Rugged riffs provided by  Alex Garcia and Brooks Betts cause the anthem to have rock driven feel to it. The duo’s talent expresses Sanders’ pained and heart-rending tale in a far more aggressive light allowing us to easily be hooked in and left wanting more .

At times the album shows a sedate side with an array of ballads that guide the listener into a slow affair and seek comfort in the broken hearted.  ’12 Through 15′ sees a bassist Jeremy Lenzo work with Garcia and Betts to create an instrumental blend of melancholic riffs that are sure trigger emotion. Full of one liners that are sure to get you weeping, get your tissues at the ready girls!

As we venture further into the album, other ballads highlight the intensively of life. The classic piano anthem, ‘Even Robots Need Blankets’, connects with the audience through its distinct yet consolatory lyrics. Sanders writing talent, along with the simple yet expressive structure of the anthem causes it to be just one of the many offerings on Monsters In The Closet that characterises the band’s discography and their what appears to be effortless ability to connect with their fans.

Despite claims that the pop-rock scene is dead, Mayday Parade have proved that it has plenty of life in it yet.The band are clearly masters of their genre with Monsters In The Closet being their best offering to date.


Reviewer: Emma Matthews

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