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Review: Last Witness – Saccharine/Less Than Zero (EP)

Check out what we thought of Last Witness’s two-track EP ‘Saccharine/Less Than Zero’. Spoiler alert: It rules.

Last Witness

Band: Last Witness
Release: Saccharine/Less Than Zero (EP)
Release Date: 25/02/13

It’s not often that you can get excited over a two-track EP. The songs are already over by the time you’ve just started to get into it and you’re left craving more. Fortunately, for Last Witness, their two-track EP ‘Saccharine/Less Than Zero‘ is something worth getting excited over.

If last year’s album ‘Mourning After‘ placed Last Witness at the top of the hardcore hierarchy, then ‘Saccharine/Less Than Zero‘ simply secures their place indefinitely. First track ‘Saccharine‘ is outrageously heavy, but it champions thumping breakdowns with technicality and precision. ‘Less Than Zero‘ on the other hand, throws around unapologetic punk with the filthiest of metal riffs. Its both intense and intelligent.

This EP may only be a mere two songs long. But if it were any longer, it would probably burst your eardrums.


Reviewer: Emily Carter

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