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Review: Josh Strickland – Report To The Floor (Single)

Cassie HTF checks out American Idol star ‘Josh Stricklands’ single ‘Report To The Floor’

Artist: Josh Strickland
Release: Report To The Floor (Single)

Josh Strickland first shot to fame when he appeared on season two of ‘American Idol’, Since the show he went on to perform in Broadway Theatre shows before landing a role in Las Vegas’ ‘Peepshow’ with playboy bunny Holly Madison. ‘Report To The Floor’ is Josh Strickland’s first debut single, I first became aware of the song by seeing the behind the scenes on Holly Madison’s TV show ‘Holly’s World’. I couldn’t resist hunting down the official video and having a listen.

‘Report To The Floor’ was co-produced by Grammy Award winning producer Damon Elliott and by Norwegian pop/dance producer Axident. From the absolute start of the song i knew it was going to be Electro pop cheese but I’m rather fond of all things corny so this was right up my street, The beat is greatly produced it is very upbeat and happy; definitely something i could dance along to. Josh’s vocals are incredibly strong in this track I find it amazing how much range he has he truly is great singer with real talent, certain lyrics in the song brought a smile to my face especially ‘Haters Please Go Home! Go! Go! Go! Go Home!’ everyone can relate to wanting their least favourite people to exit the building!

This song is very spirit lifting most probably because the song is about having a good time but I also feel Josh’s voice truly makes this track, if this song was given to an artist with a weaker vocal range I would have probably hated it. Damon Elliott features on this track and i really like his vocals he reminds me of a young Timbaland. The video is shot in a Las Vegas club featuring the cast of ‘Holly’s World’ along with a massive audience of club goers, The video fits the music perfect and i even love the some what cringe worthy facial expressions from Josh so in my eyes he is nothing short of fabulous.

Everyone should give this track a listen even if it is not your cup of tea its easy to appreciate the power of Josh Strickland’s voice, I will be hitting repeat on this for a long time.


Reviewer: Cassie Crue

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