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Review: Japanese Voyeurs – Sicking And Creaming EP

Name: Japanese Voyeurs
Release: Sicking and Creaming EP
Release Date: Oct 12th 2009

Label: Slimeball

Japanese Voyeurs Where do i start? I think i must be missing the point with music like this? If you ignore the hideous sound of the vocals you have pretty strong rumbling tunes with a Nirvana-esque feel to them.

This 3 track kicks off with ‘Dumb’. This track has a scrappy feel to it but carries it across really well. Track 2 ‘X-Ray Ted’ once again rumbles along at a steady pace but nothing really shines through. The final track is by far the best. ‘You’re so cool’ has more dynamics than all the other songs on this short blast, but doesn’t do enough to win me over before the record is over.

Japanese Voyeurs are not going to become you’re new favourite band, its dull, never really picks up its apathetic pace and the vocals are pretty dire. Expect to hear this playing in your local TopShop, as apparently its cool to like.

Reviewer: Lee Jackson

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