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Review: IWRESTLEDABEARONCE – Late For Nothing (Album)

Check out what we thought of IWRESTLEDABEARONCE’S new album ‘Late For Nothing’

Release: Late For Nothing
Release Date: Out Now

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE have brought new vocalist Courtney LaPlante along for their third album ‘Late For Nothing’ after Cameron left due to her pregnancy before last years Warped Tour. With some pretty big growls to fill LaPlante has had a lot to step up to, but that is not the only thing to change. IWABO are renowned for their erratic tunes but ‘Late For Nothing’ comes with more structure and musicianship wedging itself between the ludicrous ‘It’s All Happening’ and the cliché ‘Ruining It For Everybody’.

‘Late For Nothing’ comes self-produced from the bands own guitarist Steven Bradley and whilst their signature improbable sound has remained intact their unique style has progressed with their musicianship developing immensely and LaPlante’s more gothic clean vocals completely changing their overall sound. ‘Thunder Chunky’ sets the tone for the entire ‘Late For Nothing’ hitting hard and fast with wild indecisive surges and twinging riffs. It seems IWRESTLEDABEARONCE are no longer just inconsistent in order to be different but they actually developed, planned and executed as the juxtaposing blasts actually form the perfect balances. Exemplifying in ‘Carnage Asada’ which slips from epic guest solos from Steve Vai to crazy catchy salsa drums swallowed by growls and LaPlante’s out of place clean vocals. They may still be weird but they are now doing it with such finesse it’s become an IWABO art.

Whilst tracks like ‘Mind The Gap’ showcase LaPlante’s cleaner vocals ‘Letters To Stallone’ push her throaty screams, with less melodic metal choruses fitting the sporadic riffs with decelerating tones as her throat throttles on.  As the album and band have evolved the outbursts have become tight time signatures with erratic but perfectly written breakdowns, this is no longer a random mess but carefully constructed stylistics. ‘Firebees’ oddly brings together LaPlante’s unusual sounds before she rips in with electronic twangs shaking her growls, this builds up into a groovy pop – esque section before heavier than heavy steps in and tears the track to the end. It feels as if IWRESTLEDABEARONCE have written three songs, cut them up, mixed them around and put them into one.

You will either love or hate IWRESTLEDABEARONCE but if they are going to change your mind this is the album that will do it. ‘Late For Nothing’ is more developed and more mature than anything they have released before and musically they have stepped it up. Although there is no way to fit IWABO into a genre they touch on so many there must be something you will like and hopefully their juxtaposing mish mash of styles will become an iconic brand rather than a gimmick.


Review by: Amber Carniage

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