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Review : INDIAN – From All Purity (Album)

INDIAN – making musical soundtracks for a serial killer’s rampage for your aural delight.

Artist : INDIAN
Artist Release : ‘From All Purity’ (Album)
Release Date : January 17th (GER / BENALUX), 20th (UK / R.O.W.), 21st (USA) via Relapse Records

If you did not know already, INDIAN are finely crafted masters of their own dark arts, their magic being sickeningly heavy, doom filled noise / sludge metal from Chicago, Illinois. The band return with their fifth full length album ‘From All Purity’ (recorded at Electrical Audio), which in all fairness should come with a warning label on it somewhere along the lines of ‘One listen will batter your auditory senses mercilessly’.

To the average listener, ‘From All Purity’ is a very, very tough listen. This is no easy ride by any means, but more so accepting to the trained ear, or true metal / music fan. If you are expecting some mainstream friendly sort of affair, then you may as well grab your coat and walk on out the door, if you please. With such tracks names like ‘Rape’, and ‘The Impetus Bleeds’, it is pretty certain that this album is no family picnic. More so a family picnic been disturbed by an unbalanced character with a sledgehammer, without any remorse for his actions by playing golf with their heads whilst laughing maniacally.

‘From All Purity’ is a very unsettling, grim, and bleak album, but also extremely rewarding and filled with exceptional atmospherics and musical precision that will push the listener to the edge of their physical and mental senses.
Each song is on average between 5-7 minutes long, and whilst at the very heart of it being traditionally standard sludge / doom, it still maintains an element of interest that does not necessarily make it drag on or boring as such. Which is a relief because I have often found this to be the case with a lot of bands like these. But on this release, INDIAN have honed their sound to the point that they have created something truly spectacular.

The vocals on this are most definitely harrowing in every sense of the meaning. Blood curdling, psychotic, and filled with unprecedented terror, it is the sound of untamed and primal rage. it compliments the heavy as fuck riffs to the point where it almost transcends its traditional principles, and often elevates itself in to a plain of its own. But whilst listening to the album and you reach that point, you will truly understand just how visceral this album really is.

The only criticisms I could personally pick out, firstly comes down to same formula INDIAN stick to for songwriting, which to some listeners, may find this release a little dragged out. But I will take a stance against this, because the album is only 7 songs long. If it were for example 10 songs long, there could well have been an element of monotony there. But due to the brevity of this album, it makes it for a quality listen that keeps you compelled and on the edge of your seat, but by the final harrowing song on the album ‘Disambiguation’, it cuts off as quickly as it started… and leaving you coming back to beg for more.

The second criticism I pick out just comes down to a personal observation within one element of the production technique. This is a very raw album, and to the untrained ear could well sound like it was recorded in an analogue studio. However I noticed particularly on the song ‘Directional’, the slightly over-harsh usage of the panning effect. I feel that if that particular sound was used as a wall of noise rising up from one position, it would have given it a more eerie effect with a little more natural and ambient aesthetic.

But wrapping ‘From All Purity’ up, this is best listened to if you are really, really angry. If you are in the best mood in the world, do not listen to this, because it WILL make you angry. If you like bands like Eyehategod, Hang The Bastard (later material), SunnO))), and Crowbar, then you will more likely dig this.
INDIAN have constructed one of the most vicious and scathing pieces of bleak recorded hatred you will hear all year, and it sounds fucking wonderful! Top stuff.

Score : 7.5/10

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