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Review: Hatebreed – The Divinity of Purpose (Album)

We got to check out Hatebreed’s new album ‘The Divinity of Purpose’. See what we thought of it inside.

Band: Hatebreed
Release: The Divinity of Purpose (Album)
Release Date: 28/01/2013

Fifteen years and six full-length albums down the line and almost nothing has changed about Hatebreed, which in itself has positives and negatives: repetition springs to mind, but so does the fact that their tracks are some of the most distinctive in the industry. You always know what you are going to get with a Hatebreed record, but that familiarity has kept fans coming back for more and more. ‘The Divinity of Purpose is no more predictable than it is sought after.

Opener ‘Put It To The Torch breaks the album in with the typical velocity, power and manner accustomed to Hatebreed, and ‘Honour Never Dies‘ then continues the onslaught with barely a pause. It’s clear from track two of their sixth offering that, musically, more time and effort has been spent to improve on their familiar style.

There’s also something about Hatebreed that is infectiously engaging. They are the masters of gang style chants, and the simplicity of Jamey Jasta’s lyrics make getting involved in this record very easy.

Surprisingly, it’s the vocals that let the record down, though. Jasta has lost a significant amount of depth to his voice, and his roars sound incredibly forced at regular points in the album. There are even moments that should have been re-recorded as his lines fall well short on the brutality scale. The intro to ‘Dead Man Breathing‘ shows a man on form, whereas parts of ‘Indivisible‘ do not.

But all is redeemed at the end, as final track ‘Time To Murder It‘ showcases Hatebreed at their best. All that raw energy built up throughout the album is fully unleashed, and the closing breakdown has to be the heaviest point the band have ever ventured to.

The Divinity of Purpose‘ doesn’t fall short of expectation, nor does it succeed it. Those that didn’t appreciate them before won’t change their minds, but it will be well received by those who view it as eleven new tracks to mosh to. Hatebreed are back, sounding the same as ever.


Reviewer: Matt Borucki

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