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Review: Hang The Bastard – 2009-2012 (Album)

We checked out the 30 track release ‘2009-2012’ from UK metal/hardcore troop Hang The Bastard. Have a look at what we thought inside!

Band: Hang The Bastard
Release: 2009-2012 (Album)
Release Date: Out Now 

Following the departure of Christopher Barling, UK metal hoard Hang The Bastard have since released every track recorded with their former vocalist. Stretching as far back to demos of tracks such as ‘Awaken Ye Heathens‘ and ‘Doomed Fucking Doomed‘ right up to the phenomenal self-titled release this year through Thirty Days Of Night Records. Now armed with new vocalist Mike Carver (former Deal With It frontman), 2013 is set to be an extremely huge year for this band but for now, we shall take a trip back in time and enjoy the records that continue to give Hang The Bastard a certain edge compared to other metal/hardcore bands.

Opening with the mind-blowing debut full-length ‘Hellfire Reign‘, we are greeted with thrashers such as ‘The Blackest Eyes‘, ‘Genesis‘ and ‘1888‘ as well as the blues-driven numbers including ‘Earthmover‘ and ‘Snakecharmer‘ before the Holy Roar release closes on the heavy-as-balls ‘Farewell Leicester Square‘.

Next up, we are treated to the much more metal and thrash orientated EP ‘Raw Sorcery‘ as well as extremely rare delights from the bands past splits with Brutality Will Prevail and Abolition, tracks and records that are extremely difficult to pick up in both physical and digital form. Tracks such as ‘Failed Harvest‘ and ‘Pillage Your Village‘ only cement the fact that Hang The Bastard are an extremely versatile band with many influences and a desire for variation

More relevantly, earlier this year before the departure of Christopher Barling, we were given the great pleasure of the self-titled EP. ‘Interplanetary Portals‘ provided the listener with something so heavy that it was almost hard to stand up afterwards and ‘The Year Is One‘ supplied an amount of groove so ridiculous that the douche-baggery of the ‘nod your head at your desk’ had to happen. With ‘Rivers Edge‘ closing the five-track EP and surely as a hint of what is to come from the bands 2013 full-length.


Reviewer: Luke Davis

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