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Review: Ferraby Lionheart – Jack Of Hearts (Album)

We take a look at last year’s Ferraby Lionheart album ‘Jack Of Hearts’….

Band: Ferraby Lionheart
Release: Jack Of Hearts
Release Date: Out Now

Indie folk rocker Ferraby Lionhearts second album ‘Jack Of Hearts’ is musical gold and I cant get enough of it. The album reflects a true image of this classic and inspiring musicians take on indie, and the sound and lyrics that create Ferrabys music is a true treasure and should be enjoyed by everyone.

The album kicks off with track one ‘Holdin’ Me Back’ which has a classic Ferraby feel to it. The use of guitars create a soothing yet uplifting beat and the chorus sings ‘And you’re holding me back, Yeah, you’re holding me back, i count what we’ve got, and you count what we lack’. An enjoyable song with easily relatable lyrics.

‘Pocketknife’ is easily one of my favourites on the album. The music is so humble and uplifting it makes a great change to most of the music available today. A lot of Ferrabys lyrics are incredibly romantic and I can’t seem to help but smile when i hear them. ‘Pocketknife’ is an upbeat summery folk song which I could listen to for days on end with it’s beautiful production and great lyrics.

‘Harry And Bess’, there isn’t enough words in my vocabulary to describe how great this song is. It’s Ferraby at his best and my favourite on the album. The lyrics are romantic and incredibly unique; this is not an everyday love song. You should know everything Ferraby writes is very individual and is part of what makes his music so magical. The chorus on this song blows me away with it’s happy go lucky beat and beautiful lyrics reminding me of a summer romance. Who couldn’t love this.

‘Arkansas’ is a memorable song that once heard you will never forget. The beat starts out with a heavy drum and settles into a more mellow tune with the use of tambourine’s and piano. Throughout the song there is a lovely humming which helps paint a picture in my head of a retro, psychedelic summers day. The lyrics are catchy and I always find myself singing along to this part ‘I went to Arkansas to find me some kin, they say my daddy’s getting out of the pin, my mama told me I’m like him, a temper like a fire, a frame just like a wire’. Definitely one of my favourites, it’s a song anyone can enjoy anywhere.

‘My Name’ is a very laid back, chilled out, almost acoustic style song. The lyrics are catchy, easy to sing along to and I love the tracks instrumental build up towards the end and how Ferraby sings the ending lyrics ‘Are you ever gonna leave this town? Are we going to leave this town we’re in? Maybe then it’d even make a sound, maybe if we left this town we’re in, catch a tiger by the hair, old pal, Catch a tiger by the hair he’s in, Hey hey now tell me, oh oh wontcha tell me’. The whistles used within the track sound great and really bring out his creativity. It definitely gives the song a more country feel.

With a different sounding beat to the rest of the album, ‘Sweet Tanzini’ has a very unique piano sound that is not something I come across often. With interesting lyrics it’s another to sing along to and I love how the  beat changes throughout . A spectacular track I urge everyone to give a listen.

‘Yellow Wings’ has a very southern feel to it, which is understandable as Ferraby spent a lot of time living in Nashville, and once again I love the whistling and the beautiful harmonies. Ferraby’s voice is crisp and clean throughout the album and this song is a great example of that.

‘Dear Corinne’ is another track with brilliant vocals, the guitar and drums make a very sweet summery sounding track with a chorus so angelic it would sing baby’s to sleep for sure!

‘Drag Me ‘Round’ is a well produced song which I believe everyone can relate to; the song in my opinion painting a picture of a bad romance. The chorus is very catchy ‘You drag me ’round, kick me when down, who’d-a thought that you’d pack such a punch, i try to get tough but your kiss is just enough, crazy but I seem to like this stuff’. The track keeps an up beat tune and has great use of piano and drums. Another favourite from the album.

Last but certainly not least is track ten ‘Minuteman’. Opening with a beautiful piano sequence that continues to play throughout, this track is a great way to end the album. A gentle track with great lyrics and a lovely rhythm.

All in all, I think everyone who values music should listen to Ferraby Lionhearts music and not just ‘Jack Of Hearts’ but his previous releases ‘Catch The Brass Ring’ and his EP as well. Ferraby is an incredibly talented musician who deserves more recognition than he gets so go get stuck in to his music!

Reviewer: Cassie Crue

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