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Review: Fall Out Boy – Save Rock N Roll (Album)

We reviewed the awesome new album from rock legends Fall Out Boy which hit the shelves this morning! Check out what we thought inside..

Artist: Fall Out Boy
Release: Save Rock N Roll
Release Date: Out Now!

If there was a definition needed for anathematic ‘Save Rock N Roll’ would be its catalyst. It’s punchy, exciting and hands down the album we all expected from this legendary four piece.

We give you permission to smack those in the face who think this release is rubbish just because this album has a pop-esque edge to it. I mean are you serious? Everyone changes and if you expected the ashes of ‘From Under The Cork Tree’ then rewind back to 2009, rock yourself to sleep and shut the hell up! Fall Out Boy were always going to go in this direction, if you followed Patrick on his solo stint you would know his love is for pop music, and Pete’s new band project upon the bands hiatus was not exactly pop punk? Who says pop punk is still alive anyway? If they produced something that was a replica of any of their previous releases you would all whinge that they lack progression. So stop your whining, stick this on repeat and revel in new age Fall Out Boy, it is most definitely the one.

Album opener and most recent single release ‘The Phoenix’ is hands down our favourite on the album. The thumping yet groovy build up is simply awesome from the off and Patrick’s building vocals are the perfect added bonus. Then the chorus is unleashed and we can already imagine the sea of jumping fans throughout.

Other track mentions go to ‘Where Did The Party Go’, which you can tell, will be one of those songs that get a huge chant when they play it live. So many sing long parts after just your first listen, surly that’s what a record like this needs. Sing along choruses and woah woah’s to get you ‘in the party mood’.

The hiatus is dead and don’t we know it!Some of the final mentions go to the tracks with guest appearances – they are literally ridiculous! Foxes, Big Sean, Courtney Love and wait for it.. ELTON JOHN? We know what you’re thinking as we are most definitely thinking the same, it is insane. ‘Save Rock N Roll’ is arguably the best song on the album but it is definitely a pop song. Strangely enough Elton’s vocals go perfectly with Patrick’s and you find yourself wondering why this collaboration did not happen sooner? The chorus sounds huge and is incredibly emotive throughout; we can only imagine how epic it will be in live format.

‘Rat A Tat’ feat Courtney Love is the rockiest of the bunch with a cracking hook throughout. It makes you jump continuously all the way through it and chanting the lyrics ‘Rat A Tat Tat’ almost instantly. That’s what a classic Fall Out Boy song is all about, jumping about like a maniac and singing along like you are a kid – Perfect!

The whole album gives you that Fall Out Boy warm and fuzzy feeling and it would seem the hiatus is finally dead and don’t we know it!


Reviewer: Steph Knight

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