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Review: Eyes Set To Kill – Masks (Album)

‘Masks’ was released last week, find out what we made of it here!

Band: Eyes Set To Kill
Release: Masks
Release Date: Out Now

‘Masks’ is the fifth studio album in ten years from Arizonan post-hardcore/metalcore outfit Eyes Set To Kill. There are some massive tunes on this album, but unfortunately there are also some that you may want to skip too.

The album kicks off with its title track, a 1.40 track consisting of a Linkin Park-esque intro, a breakdown, then back to the intro. Personally I don’t see how this warranted being the title track, no matter how poignant the lyrical content. Despite a killer Bullet For My Valentine style opening, ‘Killing In Your Name’ doesn’t offer much more than the previous track, other than an over-use of effects and a chorus that sucks out all momentum.

All is not lost though, as things really start to heat up with ‘Lost and Forgotten’. Although Alexia Rodriguez’s vocal talents are undeniable, it is when the vocals of Cisko Miranda blast their way in that everything becomes more interesting. He has a tinge of Sam Carter to his voice, and the riffs in ‘Lost and Forgotten’ are ballsy as hell! More of the same comes in the form of ‘True Colours’, however half way through they seem to have forgotten what they were doing, leading to a very long drawn out end to what could have been the best song on the album.

The influence of Avenged Sevenfold is very apparent on ‘Surface’, which sounds quite a lot like ‘Beast and the Harlot’. ‘Little Liar’ couldn’t be further from this, and will undoubtedly be a future single, sounding far more like Evanescence, with the whole composition being toned down to a radio friendly level, and a singalong chorus to boot! Nevertheless it is a well-crafted song, showing ESTK can write truly catchy hooks too.

‘Nothing Left To Say’ brings this back to speed with a brilliant Architects circa ‘Hollow Crown’ vibe, with the male scream and female clean vocals complimenting each other to their full potential.

Lead single from the album ‘Infected’ is lifted from the same page as ‘Little Liar’, proving the accessible side to ESTK again. It follows a similar rhythm to Marilyn Manson’s ‘Beautiful People’, but ultimately sounding like a collaboration between Papa Roach and Kelly Clarkson…not necessarily a bad thing.

More pop tinge can be found on penultimate track ‘Haze’, before the album is drawn to a close with Bury Tomorrow-esque stormer ‘The Forbidden Line’. Intertwining vocals give this song something unique in amongst the rest of the album, finishing the record on a definite high.

Despite its slow start, ‘Masks’ has a lot to offer, would love to hear more of the male/female vocal mix on the next release.


Reviewed by: Robert Doran

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