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Review: Exit Ten – Cavern, Exeter – 01/12/09

Band: Exit Ten
Support: Idiom, Drivechain

Venue: Cavern, Exeter
Date: 1st December 2009

This being the forth time that I have seen Exit Ten I knew what to expect from them. They were a brilliant live metal band that have truly earned their first-rate reputation.

Being a sell out show in just a few weeks of their new tour being announced and not being the first time the Reading five piece had visited Exeter, was enough proof of their success around the UK.

As soon as we arrived there were a queue of disappointed fans being turned away from the show. A sad sight to see but only a clear matter of safety. The cavern is a brilliant intimate venue which makes your viewing experience more intense, but can arise the problem of being cramped for big shows such as these. Fans of the band should only have expected this and bought in advance like so many of us had. Mosh pit’s can get dangerous, like at any gig really but definitely give you a better involvement I think in a smaller venue like this.

After unfortunately missing the first two bands ‘Drivechain’ and ‘Shotgun Riot’ due to interviewing the guys of Exit Ten backstage, I looked to find a good view of the stage at the back of the room. I chose near the sound box and I caught the last two tracks of the last support band Idiom.
I have heard only good things about this local Exeter group but have not yet had the opportunity to see them in action. I might have only caught the end of their set but I cannot deny that they really are fucking awesome!!
The crowd go berserk for them, having a hazardous mosh pit the whole way through both tracks. With their guitarist Kris Gibbs wind milling his epic long hair at every chance he has and lead vocalist Matt Sharland having an obvious immense talent had me hooked on their performance instantly.

Matt was dripping with sweat at this point but his unmissable stage presence just draws you in even more. I will definitely be going to the next show they have that is local to me. If I think they are that good after just two tracks I’m dying to know my opinion after a whole set.

After a short interval and a hunt for a good spot at the front we all wait in apprehension for Exit Ten to enter the stage. With a halt in the background music being played to cure our boredom of anticipation the famous few lines from the ‘Home Alone’ movie where they do a spoof of the film ‘Angels with Dirty Faces’ are played out to us. One by one they enter the stage with Ryan Redman lead vocalist being the last to join us. The introduction ends with the well known line ‘Keep the change you filthy animal’ and the sound of the first guitar riff and drum beats to their opening track is dispensed. Immediately starting a swarm of their mad admirers to jump around going crazy.

They play a long set tonight being on stage for a good hour playing a few new tracks that are up on their my-space and a few classics that we all love. New tracks going down a storm, as Ryan points out it can sometimes be difficult for audiences to listen to new music at a gig but that doesn’t seem to be a problem tonight. My favourite tracks played were ‘Warriors’ and ‘Resume Ignore’. Ryan has a unique vocal and carries the bands explosive metal sound perfectly. He interacts with the audience cleverly and a mention must be had for guitarist Joe Ward who plays with such enthusiasm, but every member of the band always give an overwhelming performance.

Midway through set Ryan has a huge swig from a large bottle of Jagermeister like its nothing but water. In doing so he earns a howling roar from his on lookers that undoubtedly admire him for his recklessness. Pardon the pun but this is clear rock star panache. Haha!

Mosh pits were not as crazy as the ones for Idiom so I was able to take quite a few good photos and enjoy the music without seeing the floor through most of it like at other gigs I have been to. Ryan leans into the crowd through songs that are recognized as they sing along with him, immediately giving him a huge grin across his face.

They close with in my opinion the best Exit Ten song with a impressive music video ‘Technically Alive’. A perfect one of a kind song, with lyrics that are easily learnt to sing along too which I think makes it so popular.
Overall a fantastic show as expected to be honest and I look forward to hearing their new music that’s to come in the future. If tonight’s preview was anything to go by we are certainly in store for something thrilling.

Thanks to Jeckhell and Hyde Promotions for a wicked night!

Reviewer: Steph Knight

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