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Review: Drones – Free Marked Kid (EP)

Find out what we thought of the new EP from Drones, here!

Band: Drones
Release: Free Marked Kid (EP)
Release Date: Out now

Dubbed as a band for fans of Rise Against, Surrey four piece Drones certainly channel the energy and angst of their Atlantic cousins on their new six track EP ‘Free Marked Kid‘.

Opening with a number that sticks more to the band’s heavier influences, first track ‘Raise The Stakes‘ barely gives vocalist Daly George a minute to breathe, his course voice snarling through the entire track. With a relentless chorus and skillful guitar solo, the band seem determined to raise a high standard for themselves to follow up.

Thankfully, the rest of the EP stands up to its impressive beginnings. Continuing with the fast-pace and thrashing guitar rhythms, ‘For The Record‘ has the scream-play-sing formula down perfectly.

‘Empty Words‘ could benefit from some higher production values, with the instrumental parts fading slightly in a blur of noise, but the raw power of the track more than makes up for its shortcomings.

The EP’s title track, ‘Free Marked Kid‘ takes a lighter approach, leaning on the more classic punk elements. There’s traces of Rancid in the sing-along chorus, whilst maintaining the band’s trademark energetic performance. Lyrically, its closer to the afore-mentioned Rise Against, but that’s not to say its a soft track, just a little less angsty by comparison.

The EP is a solid release from the Surrey foursome, demonstrating their strength in songwriting, plus a passion and energy which is necessary for a band in such a highly charged genre. This release should definitely satisfy fans of the harder side of pop punk.


Reviewer: Natalie Gardiner

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