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Review: Dream, This Isn’t House – EP

Good news people. We have some dubstep for you. So have a listen.

Artist: Dream

Release: This Isn’t House (EP)

Release Date: Out Now

Good news people. We have some dubstep for you, and  DREAM is back and wacked it on Owsla and even has thrown in some remixes too. So turn off those Olympics for just a few minutes and have a listen.

This Isn’t House is not only the best name for an EP this year but a nice little package of 4 tracks, which is the original track and 3 remixes. The title and original track This Isn’t House, is a jaunty little dubstep ditty while over the course of the track does get a little wearing as Skrillex says ”this IS the ultimate summer time good feel dubstep record…take your gurl for a ride in your convertible to this”. 

As we said the rest of the tracks are remixes, first being from Flinch. Flinch keeps it along the same lines with a little more punch. So maybe drive a little faster to this one. Topher Jones provides the following remix and as he changes up the tempo and the key you can feel the difference, but again the lead synth can get a little trying after the fall duration of the track, it would fit nicely in a set. LoBounce Remix is the closing to this EP and is our clear favourite by keeping the foundations of the track the same, but changing things up more than the others take it over, and this is my dubstep track of the summer.

This Isn’t House is a good EP for DREAM and Owsla, while not reaching the dizzy heights of Birdie Nam Nam or Zedd, DREAM can hold his own!

This Isn’t House is out on Beatport and iTunes


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