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Review: Delain – We Are The Others (Album)

We got to check out Delain’s new album. See what we thought inside!

Band: Delain
Release: We Are The Others (Album)
Release Date: 04/06/12

Dutch metallers Delain are a band that have everything going for them. With a big label behind them, the skills of ex-Within Temptation keyboardist Martijn Westerholt, and one of the most talented female vocalists alive today (Charlotte Wessels), it’s just bizarre that they aren’t absolutely huge.

‘We Are The Others’ is their third studio release, and just two years after the release of the hugely successful and heavily supported ‘April Rain’, the band are returning with a new bassist and guitarist in tow and an album that will without a doubt exceed their previous successes.

The album hits the ground running with ‘Mother Machine’ and ‘Electricity’, two powerfully operatic tracks that set the band apart from that group that any female-fronted metal band is inevitably likened to (we’re all looking at you, Anette Olzon of Nightwish). Title track ‘We Are The Others’ is good but awfully poppy and falls into generic chanting and some mediocre lyrics before the end. It’s not bad – in fact, it’s guaranteed to be a crowd favourite on tour – but it’s not nearly as bombastic as the rest of the album.

‘Milk And Honey’ is an excellent chorus-driven piece that showcases Charlotte Wessels‘ frankly incredible voice with a range of music throughout and helps the rest of the band show off their considerable talent. One of the best points of the album is ‘Where Is The Blood’ which features Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory fame, whose voice makes a surprisingly powerful and different addition. The album does enough to set itself apart from the rest of Delain‘s releases but falls just short of total greatness because of some occasionally weak lyrics – otherwise, the band are on perfect form.

Throughout, the album exhibits a wide range of inspirations and influences, but it’s never derivative. It’s everything existing Delain fans could want from the album, and a great starting point for new ones.


Reviewer: Laurie HTF

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