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Review: Deicide – In The Minds Of Evil (Album)

Deicide return with another of pure unadulterated EVIL!

Artist: Deicide
Release: In The Minds Of Evil
Release Date: Out Now

Let’s get straight to it. If you like your music very heavy then there is no doubt in my mind that you will of heard of American Death Metal pioneers Deicide. Starting up in the mid 80’s, they rose to prominence in the early 90’s and are probably the biggest selling Death Metal band in the world. Their creative output of albums is well into the double figures and here they are with their latest cut ‘In The Minds Of Evil’. If you are a fan of their old albums then you will dig this, if you have never been a fan then this is not going to change your mind. They are not reinventing the wheel here, they are being Deicide.

Opening with the title track ‘In The Minds Eye’, you are instantly bludgeoned by that rapid fire double kick of drums. It’s fast, it’s heavy it’s evil. Singer/Bassist Glen Benton sounds a nasty as he always has, this is what you imagine Satans own dog to sound like, with his trademark, deep, gutteral growl.

This is what you get throughout this album, it’s fast, it’s hard and it’s very, very heavy. I am not the biggest death metal fan but I do appreciate when something is done well and this is done very, very well. ‘Thou Begone’ slows down the pace from the opener, don’t think they are going soft, this will never be a ballad, its just a couple BPM slower than the last track and I still have no idea what the vocals are saying but it is very good.

It’s something prevalent from beginning to end on this album. For a band in their 26th year, Deicide have not lost a step. They are never going to be hitting the top 10’s but they don’t care about that, their fans don’t care about. All they care about is putting out an album of superb brutality and that is what they have done here. Like I said earlier, if you love the band you will love this, if you hate the band you will hate this. If you like your music nasty, heavy and evil and have never listened to Deicide then give this album a go and I doubt you will regret it. Also they always have the raddest album artwork!


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