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Review: Daniel Merriweather – Water And A Flame (Single)

Name: Daniel Merriweather
Release: Water And A Flame (Single)
Release Date: 30th Oct 2009

Label: J Records

Daniel Merriweather is one of this years voices of 2009. He now releases ‘Water And A Flame’ the 4th single from his debut solo album Love & War. On this track he collaborates with one of the voices of last year Adele. This single is out on the 2nd November.

The track begins with a few acoustic guitar riffs and then a continuous drum beat starts with Merriweather’s soulful voice. This song very much reflects his whole album and having Adele’s deep passionate sound it makes it one of its distinctive tracks. , and will earn Merriweather the respect he deserves for his song writing abilities.

With lyrics like ‘Seven days has gone so fast, I really thought the pain would pass. It’s been nearly an hour, since I thought of you.’ You instantly know this song is based on a past relationship. Writtenn by Merriweather and produced by Mark Ronson the alluring chemistry between Daniel and Adele captures the meaning of this song beautifully. The duo delivers a strong, emotional track, allowing their unique vocal styles to merge delightfully.

Glad to see one of the highlights of Daniels ‘Love and War’ album getting a single release. It’s a mellow, sultry number packed with emotion – very strong track again highlighting the talent of Daniel Merriweather, and the quality of his debut album.

Reviewer: Steph Knight

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