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Review: We Are The In Crowd – Weird Kids (Album)

We Are The In Crowd’s second album drops in a couple of weeks, and it’s nothing short of amazing! Check out the review here!

Band: We Are The In Crowd
Release: Weird Kids
Release Date: 18th February 2014

Poughkeepsie pop rockers We Are The In Crowd are finally back with their sophomore release ‘Weird Kids‘, and not surprisingly it’s the perfect record to prove that this is a band who are far from ready to burn out. Currently in the middle of a UK tour with Neck Deep and Saves Your Breath:We Are The In Crowd are then set to head out on their first ever US headlining tour just days after they drop this album. No matter where you live, it’ll be worth your while going to check them out – trust me!

Considering the huge commercial success that first album ‘Best Intentions‘ was, there’s no doubt in my mind that fans are going to take to this album just as well, even though it’s clear the band have done some growing up in the three year gap between the two albums. Not only has vocalist Taylor Jardine matured in terms of her song-writing, but the band’s sound is not just one single flavour of pop rock anymore. There’s a lot of experimenting on this record, and it works as it actually widens up the audience that might enjoy it. There’s always going to be something for the old-school fans, but pop punk fans might also enjoy it, for example.

The record has a softer side, of course, with tracks like opener ‘Long Live The Kids‘, ‘Windows In Heaven‘ and my personal favorite, ‘Come Back Home‘. The lyrics in these songs are the strongest emotionally, and really set up what is sure to be a connection between artist and fan. Shared vocals between Jardine and guitarist/sometimes vocalist Jordan Eckes paired with slow loops of electric and acoustic guitar make these tracks successful, and somehow still catchy despite the lack of driving force.

For more of a pop punk party, previous singles ‘Attention‘ and ‘The Best Thing (That Never Happened)‘, as well as unheard album track ‘Dreaming Out Loud‘ are sure to fit the bill. Jardine and co. show there’s nothing quite like revenge, and that sticking with your true friends is the best way to go – essentially the root of every pop punk song ever written. For that reason they could be considered themes overused, but We Are The In Crowd do it with their own flair making the move forgivable – and catchy!

Remember (To Forget You)‘ will be the go to for any fans looking for that old We Are The In Crowd sound, as this track could easily be a B-side on ‘Best Intentions‘. With snappy, poppy lyrics (and a strategically placed lyric sample from George Strait‘s ‘All My Ex’s Live In Texas‘…) that make you want to dance around the room – or maybe go burn down your ex’s house, and a breakdown not unlike the one in the band’s 2011 single ‘Rumor Mill‘, this is flawless track that is sure to be a fan favorite.

Overall, the quality of this record was expected from a band like We Are The In Crowd, but that doesn’t make it any less surprising especially given the new styles applied to certain songs. ‘Weird Kids‘ is the band’s first mark on 2014, and is certainly not going to be the last judging by their blatant resolve to make this year their own. A stunning album and well worth a listen, even if We Are The In Crowd haven’t really been your kind of thing before – you might discover your new favourite band!


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