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Review: Buried In Verona – Notorious (Album)

Sydney-based Buried in Verona have released their third album. HTF took a listen and you can read what we thought right here!

Band: Buried In Verona
Release: Notorious (Album)
Release Date: Out Now

Buried in Verona are setting out on the road with Motionless in White at this very moment and they’ve certainly had enough practice. They’ve toured their homeland of Australia and right the way across America and Europe. The list of people they’ve supported reads like an epic festival line up including We Are The Ocean, Whitechapel, The Devil Wears Prada and Pierce The Veil to name just a few. Now ‘Notorious’ marks the third release from the Sydney-based six-piece who boast no less than three guitarists within their ranks.

Opening track ‘Maybe Next Time’ is a massive kick in the face. Buried in Verona don’t do things by halves and jump straight in at the deep end. It massively pays off with such a solid opener full of energy and power. Every note will make you stand up and pay attention from the second the vocals kick in. The song is an out and out hardcore track throwing spite and a hefty middle finger out to those who tried to screw the band over as the lyrics scream out to you like “this song is dedicated to the person who tried to f**k up our lives/ tried to end our f**king careers and tried to f**k everyone around us/ you know who you are/ you’re a f**king piece of shit/ f**k you.” You can’t get more direct than that.

Not every track is as full of angst and spite as the opener: tracks such as ‘4 Years’ and ‘Miles Away’ show off some melody and even have some clean vocals thrown in, scatterings of which can be found across the whole album. The lightest track of the lot ‘Lionheart’ is unlike anything else on the album: you’d almost be forgiven for thinking it’s a totally different band. Impressive clean vocals and structuring, alongside a beautiful guitar background plays throughout. It’s tracks like this one which show the band pushing themselves and moving out from their natural boundaries. Not enough bands push themselves to their limits and this is where Buried in Verona certainly deserve a congratulation.

Just shy of 44 minutes, the album packs in soaring guitar riffs coupled with catchy hooks such as ‘Miles Away’, a track which is sure to become an instant live classic. ‘Couldn’t Give 34 F**ks’, which complete with chugging riffs has vocals very reminiscent of Oli Sykes, and ‘Perceptions’, which complete with a bit of programming has so many layers and twists you may well get dizzy. The twists, shifts and intensity soar throughout.

The sound on ‘Notorious’ is certainly more mature and packs a bigger punch than their previous works. The band are certainly taking a pretty good stab at being the next big thing to come from the Australian hardcore scene.


Reviewer: Rhian Westbury





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