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Review: Anyone’s Guess – March In The Dark – Chapter 1 (EP)

Anyone’s Guess are the latest female-fronted outfit to blow HTF HQ away, bringing forth a powerful EP, entitled March In The Dark – Chapter 1. Read our review here.

Artist: Anyone’s Guess
Release: March In The Dark – Chapter 1 (EP)
Release Date: Out now

The women of rock have been doing incredibly well recently. With groups like We Are The In Crowd and Tonight Alive pretty much never stepping off the road and Revolver announcing their Hottest Chick In Hard Rock tour, there’s never been a better time for female rockers than now. Anyone’s Guess are the latest female-fronted outfit to blow HTF HQ away, bringing forth a powerful EP, entitled March In The Dark – Chapter 1.

Labelled as Chapter 1, this five-track offering has the responsibility of engaging us enough to interest us in Chapter 2; a challenge that is firmly accepted. The atmosphere is set by the rapid marching drums, simple guitar line and piano keys of ‘Intro’ which bleeds seamlessly into the titular ‘March in the Dark’. Right from this urgent opening, the drama is laid on by the churning guitars that are interspersed by soft strums. Then Sanja Jovanovic surprising vocals come in. Taking us by surprise, her light tone – that can only be vaguely matched with that of Tay Jardine or Alanis Morissette – sounds like it shouldn’t work in such a heavy track. But it does.

Of all five of the tracks on Chapter 1, if there were one to sell the band to the passive listener, lead single ‘Apathy’ would be it. As the first song from the release that we listened to, it set our hopes incredibly high. So much so that the other four tracks of the EP don’t even compare. It’s one of the best problems for a band to have, as the vocal harmonies from Jovanovic and dynamic chorus blow all other (fiercely good) competition away. It’s just like when you watch that film you’ve been looking forward to and realise that all the best parts were in the trailer. We still thoroughly enjoy it, but the whole experience is just slightly tinged with disappointment.

That being said, following track ‘Go As You Came’ puts up a brilliant fight. Bringing out a lighter, more indie side of the group, they don’t lose any of the drama or momentum that has been built up. The trio have a clear love and knack for absolutely massive choruses, as final track ‘Hunter’ clearly demonstrates. Infectious and moving, the moody refrain is an excellent way to close this chapter. Much like a novel, March In The Dark is filled with a variety of elements that make it an intriguing release. If this is only Chapter 1, then we’re hooked and won’t be putting the book down.


Reviewer: Freya Cochrane

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