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Review: Anti-Flag – The General Strike (Album)

HTF reviewed this little gem from the masters of anti government punk rock ‘Anti-Flag’. See what we thought of ‘The General Strike’ here…

Band: Anti-Flag
Release: The General Strike
Release Date: Out Now

Our favourite political bashing punks are back with another head turning album. The General Strike is released six months after Occupy Wall Street started and once again voices the concerns and opinions of the unheard majority.

Anti-Flagare quite possibly the masters of singing against oppression and political despair. Throughout their career they’ve seen presidents come and go, each bringing new problems to be addressed. The new album is the latest volume of criticism towards the american regime.

Each song is short, swift, yet incredibly catchy. It almost feels like you are listening to eleven little speeches being backed by sharp and energetic guitar riffs. Front man Justin Saneis a natural leader and a gifted song writer. He is clever in his approach to the public problems and transfers them to paper for everyone to enjoy in a flurry of punk rock.

The track ‘This Is The New Sound’ is all about The National Defense Authorization Act and how you and I could be shipped off and imprisoned without fair trial. The band worked with Amnesty International to release a fitting video to go with the albums track.

Fans of all earlier work will not be disappointed and all new listeners get a fresh feel of how this band picks apart and mocks its government. At twenty seven minutes the album seems extremely short but you get twelve amazing songs to listen to. It’s a must buy for all lovers of punk rock.

Catch Anti-Flag headlining Anti-Fest  on the 03/05/2012 at The Forum University of Hertfordshire.

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