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ReVerbed – Another Year, Still Here | EP Review

Reverbed, Brighton pop-rock quartet’s latest release sees them reflect on the hard times of being in a band. See what we thought inside.

Source: Album Artwork

Source: EP Artwork

As the title Another Year, Still Here implies, ReVerbed have been tested plenty since forming six years ago, but this Brighton quartet don’t give up easily. At just twelve minutes long, this four-track release shows the band’s “poppier” side as they divert from their previous darker releases while maintaining their insightful themes, such as the band’s near demise and hoping it’ll work out in the end.

EP opener ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ nicely blends darker pop punk and 90s emo, with co-vocalist Zoë Waugh adding a lighter, pop-like element with a undertone of attitude similar to that of Becca MacIntyre (Marmozets) while George Donoghue brings a more gruff and aggressive side to the band’s sound. The song sets the tone for the record as they identify how competitive the music industry is, saying, “Don’t get me wrong/I’m not bitter/I’m happy for the ones who made it there/Who made it their own way.”

‘Bury Me’ continues by showing how tough and exhausting it can be in a band with George almost screaming “so sick of wasting my life” with enough distorted guitars and pounding drums to convince the most reluctant of dancers to head-bang.

After letting all their angst out, ‘Keep Me In Your Eyes’ is a welcome change of pace with both vocalists taking a softer and more airy approach which makes for an easy-listening, suitable-for-summer pop punk track. ‘Promises’ closes the EP and shows their gentile side with this love song simply summed up in the chorus lyric “I promised you everything/I’ll be home soon, my darling”, which is likely to be inspired by their many months on the road.

While this latest release from the pop rock outfit is no game-changer for UK music it’s a brief look at how tough the music industry can be on a band, emotionally and physically. It almost sounds like an emotional release from desperation and exhaustion after trying to break into the scene for many years. As the group drew from their obvious influences such as Jimmy Eat World and the like, it also acts as a fond throwback to the 90’s/early 2000’s emo scene, sometimes sounding on the verge of grunge. The EP is four tracks taken from a larger 12-track album release where hopefully the themes will be expanded upon and we’ll finally see if ReVerbed get their happy ending. So, stay tuned.

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