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“Racists are NOT WELCOME at a Stray From The Path Show” | Live Review

The Earls of Anarchy Stray From The Path just crushed Leeds. Have a gander at our review over at MOSH.

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Putting big bands in tiny venues is an age-old combination, to be fair it should be listed up there with sausage and mash and gin and tonic in our opinion. So Stray From The Path, a band renowned for their aggressively considerate tendencies and love to hate the earth’s dark underbelly, well they paid Yorkshire a visit last week along with some friends. Here’s what went down.

The New York noise merchants have only one agenda when playing a show, to spread their message, their way. Thankfully for us the way of The Path is through titanic riffs and bare-knuckle brutal vocals, all fuelled by a hatred of everything that’s wrong with this rock we call home. Whether that is racism, police brutality or Donny J Trump himself, if Stray doesn’t like it, you’ll learn the hard way.

Touring in the support of their new record, Only Death Is Real, Stray From The Path showcased a boatload of new bangers including: ‘Goodnight Alt Right’, ‘Plead The Fifth’ and ‘Loudest In The Room’. As well as bringing back some old favourites from previous records Subliminal Criminals and Anonymous.

Stray From The Path’s intensity and relentless fury is difficult not to become infatuated with. From every breakdown and inevitable “Motherfucker!” the sweat-drenched smile on your stupid face grows wider and wider as you realize you’ve never seen the appeal in a pulsating neck vain until now. Besides the cursing and hellish yelling that Stray From The Path delivers, lyrically and morally the quartet’s views are both honorable and relatable for all who listen. Using the faults of the planet as a paintbrush to craft both amazingly aggressive and titillating technical anthems is inspiring all be it viewed a little controversial on occasion.

In addition, let us stress that there were absolutely no naysayers in the Leeds audience on Friday evening. We’re going to give huge props to Renounced, Obey The Brave and Capsize for their performances. However there is no denying that this was a Stray From The Path crowd, and unfortunately, the audience didn’t collectively wake up until Stray hit the stage. Although, once the ball began to roll the turnout was impressive and brilliant to be a part of.

Stray are like the angry little brother of our very own Enter Shikari, both know how to stick it to the man through their art form, however the former’s ferocity gene is off the scale. The appeal that Stray To The Path brings to the table is almost narcotic, and their live shows only amplify the attraction. Take a mental note from us; catch Stray From The Path on one of the remaining dates because their headline performance is not one you would like to miss.

Expect big things from this band in the coming years, we’re only just beginning to see what they’re capable of. Oh, and to all the Nazi punks, you know what to do.

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