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Puppy – Vol. II | Album Review

London trio Puupy have now released their mini album Vol II which melds so many different styles together the band influences becomes very hard to track.

Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

Puppy is a very apt name for this London trio because as a band they are in their infancy, being formed only 2 years ago but have now released their first mini album Vol II. The experimenting hard hitting rock trio have already performed at big festivals such as Download and 2000 Trees which is remarkable considering how new they are to the live circuit. Inspired by their love for multiple genres Puppy, in their new album Vol II have melded different styles together in a way they see fit no matter how bizarre each piece may be. Imagine Nirvana mixed with Rage Against The Machine without the speech vocals and then a mix of goth and doom gets you to a flavour of what Puppy have to offer.

Overall Puppy’s album Vol II combines diverse styles and ideas which are tied together by a monotonic voice which is, not in this case monotonous and unbearable. On the other had it does compliment other instrumental sections perfectly like in ‘Entombed’ where vocals are dropped and the guitar becomes the centre point lifting the track from dark depths of trudging riffs to something which has blues undertones with the emotion portrayed which lifts the mood before returning to the dark heaviness of the chorus once more.

The vocals ultimately provide an eerie tone especially when the instrumental accompaniment isn’t focusing on the same eerie element. This is the case in ‘Warm‘ where the melodious guitar is providing exactly that with the odd jazz chord thrown in and has quite a warm tone where as the vocals come across lonely and distant which could be from the breathy and unstable tone which is very effective. However springing into the chorus a reserved pop punk esque ideal same, vocals different feel and works incredibly well.

You would not have guessed that Puppy have been formed for only 2 years especially from this album. The complexity of some of the instrumental riffs is fantastic, however the vocals can shadow this with the monotone vibe that tends occur which can dull the tone of the whole song so that the other elements are not heard to the full potential. At other points this monotonous tone can be very effective and highlight the lighter riffs that the guitar is often playing paired with the bass and supported by the impressive drums.

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