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Pretty Pistol – Welcome To The Dead Club | Album Review

London punks Pretty Pistol have just released their new EP ‘Welcome To The Dead Club’. Check out what we thought of it here!

Pretty Pistol

Source: EP Artwork

London punks Pretty Pistol have just released their new EP Welcome To The Dead Club, and if loud, chaotic riffs, hyperactive, angry screams and pulsating drums are your thing, you’ll love this EP.

Pretty Pistol is loud, furious and energetic from the get-go. First track ‘Cry Wolf’ starts in the middle of the track immediately emitting its energetic, frenzied chorus – “cry wolf / cry wolf / welcome to the dead club”. The track is manic throughout and doesn’t take a breath until its final moments. The track is moody, loud, and angry—everything we’d expect to hear from a garage punk band. ‘Drive Me To The Dogs’ isn’t as manic as the former track. The dark tune features a more muted melody. The vocals are still gritty and raw but are less abrasive.

‘Hurricane’ features a warm, catchy riff and passionate, relentless vocals from singer Laura Le Rox. The chaotic track is infectious from first listen and has you wanting to start a head-banging, ground-shaking riot! Elsewhere ‘No Guts (This Is Glory)’ begins almost like a Bring Me The Horizon cover track. The song quickly turns into an intense, vivacious punk tune with Le Rox’s powerful and ferocious vocals in the forefront.

Pretty Pistol is full of the true rocking, screaming, raging spirit of punk music. And Welcome To The Dead Club is an anarchic, energetic, and entertaining record from start to finish.

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