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Personal Best – Arnos Vale | Album Review

Personal Best have finally released their first album Arnos Vale! Read here to see what we thought.

Personal Best

Source: Album Artwork

If you haven’t heard of Personal Best before, then you’re in for a treat. You know when you find a gem of a band out of the blue? Well Personal Best are just getting started and they will be that new discovery for you. Having only just done a debut EP, they have finally put together a full length album Arnos Vale.

We had the pleasure of having a listen, and came to find the power pop trio have something unique to provide to listeners. A wonderful british female-fronted rock band that truly works.

Arnos Vale kicks off with a tight intro that swings straight into a winner of a track ‘If You Meet Someone In Love (Wish Them Well)’. Satirical and straight to the point genius lyrics, with senseless cymbal crashing madness to accompany. Quite honestly it’s something that can make you laugh, smile and throw your head around to all in one; a dream for us rock lovers.

Followed by a similar great track ‘Poor Old You’ that once agains carries the humorous lyrics, and sustains strength with it’s catchy hook. And yet Personal Best still give variety with songs such as ‘This is What We Look Like’, the tempo seems to slow slightly, but still provides a loud flow of emotional music. Sometimes the simplest singing loudly of exactly what you want from someone is the best music to listen to. Plain and simple, honest music. This is what Personal Best offers throughout.

Again similarly shown in ‘This Time Next Year’ which seems to be a confession of problems people face in a dead-end relationship. However it has an almost optimistic beat throughout, made through wonderful notes played on the guitar.

Our favourite track has to be ‘Human Nature’ which cannot even be described through words. It’s a short interlude…but it’s a swift reminder that Personal Best do not give a fuck, and neither should you.

Which is further established with the final track ‘Beauty is Terror’. The oppositions of emtions made between caring and yet, no really caring at all. If you’re one to not follow the crowd, and understand what really matters, you’re going to appreciate Arnos Vale. We are very impressed with Personal Best and we believe you will be too.

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