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Pears – Go To Prison | Album Review

Pears have released their debut hardcore album, Go To Prison. Read here to see what we thought.

Source: Album Artwork

New Orleans Punk Rock/hardcore band Pears are set to release their debut album, all within only 9 months of being a band! With most skeletons of the ten songs written in one night, and the album recorded in two days, Go To Prison was a spontaneous and fast creation. The band have commented that it was a record made out of desperation, but this passion and drive is heard clearly throughout the record.

Clearly shown from the outset when the intro kicks off with title track ‘You’re Boring’. We expect to hear a witty satire, and instead we hear a hardcore, aggression ramble. The hardcore sound carries on throughout the album, so if you want some screamo, with heaving crashing cymbals, this will be an album for you. However it could be argued that the rush of the record has somewhat reflected in the production, as the aggression and desperation is apparent. But, at least we can put it down as real music. However the sound, slightly suffers as result, perhaps this is not the best we could see of the Pears potential.

Their potential can be seen in tracks like ‘Victim To Be’ and ‘Breakfast’. Although ‘Breakfast’ offers catchier hooks, and the chanting really helps to support a solid hardcore rock sound. But be warned; Go To Prison is not for those who want to hear any calm, easy tones. Vocals are fast-paced, and the instrumentals keep up accordingly. However, in most hardcore styles, the playing does falter and sustains a heavy, head-banging beat, heard clearly in ‘Sycophant’.

And not all hope is lost, as ‘Forever Sad’ ironically does take a slightly different approach, in that it’s probably one of the less heavier tracks – just slightly. Which is shortly followed by our favourite track, ‘Judy is a Punk’.Our reasoning? Purely for the hilarity. The erratic tone of the song is fully supported by the percussion, which greats a harsh, yet catchy track.

The tone throughout Go To Prison seems to run throughout the album, with a lot of mess and anger. Hooks in the tracks beat are clearly trying, and some seriously shredding is going on to keep up with those drum beats, so we must applaud Pears for that.

But if you like mess, and a bit a slight sound of catchy insanity, then Go To Prison may be for you, and you might want to watch out for Pears on the hardcore punk scene.

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