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Pay No Respect – Hope For The Hopeless | EP Review

Check out what we thought of Pay No Respect’s new EP Hope Is For The Hopeless here

Source: PR

Source: PR

One of the most hard working British hardcore bands Pay No Respect have released their latest EP Hope For The Hopeless via In At The Deep End Records with the help of Feed The Rhino’s Oz Craggs. With their first release since 2012 we couldn’t wait to hear what Pay No Respect had to show for their labors.

Opening track ‘Hope For The Hopeless’ completely blew away every preconceived idea we had for this EP. From the opening riff into the insatiable lashings that pillage their way through ‘Hope For The Hopeless’ we then found vocals mounting into layers from Joe Kenney. Heaving through the track as ‘We Will Prevail’ signs this incredible spur into a winding riff before unleashing hell.

‘One Chance’ gutters pauses into heaving bass that escalates into throttling tempo that rips you into waves before tearing into ‘Face Defiance’. Full pelt from start to finish Pay No Respect never relent, conducting desolation in husking commanding vocals. The track tears up into blend of strings that ride into shouts of the title ‘Face Defiance’.

‘This World Is Ours’ closes the EP in remorseless guttering that you know induces barbarity live. The track grimaces into the being of its own, building rhythms into coarse and rebounding sounds that drive hefty tones into abstraction.

Hope For The Hopeless is an unwielding EP that leaves no room to be left behind. It strays from the norm in these humongous riffs but keeps roots in demanding bass and torrential patterns.  Pay No Respect have this incredible ability to incite intense passion from their music and this EP is no different. Each track grows on these thriving sentiments that turns battering bass tones into tight grips that cohearse and conduct crowds in wild furrows. Take the time to check out the EP Hope For The Helpless in headphones first because you’ll be swept in live.

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