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Patrons – The Momentary Effects of Sunlight | EP Review

Patrons have self-released their second EP The Momentary Effects of Sunlight. Read here to see what we thought.

Source: Album Artwork

UK based hardcore band Patrons are back with their self-release of their second EP The Momentary Effects of Sunlight. The new EP includes 4 tracks, but they’re 4 tracks that are pushing with passion for the band to stamp their sound on the hardcore scene.

Straight away the intro captivates you with the simplistic, yet beautiful strings, which soon builds up momentum with passionate vocals and full of volume and hooks. ‘Lost Age’ is an artistic creation that completely steps up the game for current alternative hardcore artists. The whole track creates the right medium of reflecting emotion musically. Patrons abandon the conventional senseless screaming, or thoughtless, aggressive lyrics. Straight away we notice how strong the sound is for an EP.

‘Circus’ continues the same wonderful rock sounds, and even states how when we hurt we use ‘aggression in defence’, which a lot of hardcore music can be a wall for. ‘Circus’ offers another stunning breakdown, that allows us contemplation time, that brings us back in with a wave or rock riffs and smashing cymbals.

‘Old Rain’ is one of those tracks you need when you feel completely lost and isolated, and the interchange in tempo really allows for us to really hear the lyrics. We really rate Patrons for being a band than can understand the pain we all go through, but also advising to stand tall and let yourself be set free.

Finally the EP ends on a track that will stick in your head. ‘Blood Symphony’ is a perfect track to end the EP on, for it really summarizes the hope and optimism that Patrons want to create with this EP. It is the perfect combination of anger release and building yourself up again.

Patrons are not here to churn out music because they want to make noise, with The Momentary Effects of Sunlight, they have produced a high standard of artwork to be listened to and truly appreciated.

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