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Nicole Scherzinger – Big Fat Lie | Album Review

It’s been a long time coming, but Nicole Scherzinger’s new album ‘Big Fat Lie’ is finally here! Click here to see what we thought of it!

Source: Official Facebook Page

There’s been a series of delays, complications and a whole lot of being kept in the dark surrounding Nicole Scherzinger‘s new album and record deal status, but Big Fat Lie finally here!

‘On the Rocks’ is an emotionally driven ballad which runs at about 80% and doesn’t make the most of its full potential as it is largely under-sung. The auto-tune effect in the bridge is unnecessary for a singer of Scherzinger’s ability and it is a fairly safe and inoffensive single option. ‘God of War’ again has the potential to be something great because of the flawlessly produced instrumental but the vocals are once more underwhelming. Things only start to get more interesting in the bridge and final chorus when the emotion in her voice is heightened.

‘Girl with a Diamond Heart’ fails to capture the imagination of the listener and consists of too many “La, la, la, la, la” ad-libs and irritating high pitch waves of sound throughout. ‘Just a Girl’ incorporates elements of dubstep but is once again let down by the vocals and the spoken lyrics. It comes off as a bad imitation of a Beyoncé song. ‘First Time’ is a foray into hip hop and urban styles and is the inevitable song about sex that seems to be integral to every pop singer’s album as of late. Again, it comes of as cheap and boring given the capability of Scherzinger’s voice.

Big Fat Lie is a big fat disappointment. All of the songs except ‘Run’ were co-written and produced by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream and consequently lack any diversity or variation of style. Virtually all of the songs sound the same and it becomes very boring very quickly. As is usually the case, the lead single ‘Your Love’ is the best track on the album but still isn’t as a good as songs  from her previous album ‘Killer Love’; Big Fat Lie lacks powerful anthems such as ‘Poison’, progressive and strong ballads like ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’, decent quality R&B such as ‘Right There’ and a proper dance track like ‘Wet’. If they can be called highlights, then they are ‘Your Love’, the title track and ‘Run’.

We know that Scherzinger possesses a fantastic voice. One need only watch her duet with Sam Bailey last year on The X Factor or her operatic performance on The Royal Variety Performance a couple of years ago to see what a wide range she has but she is rarely recognised for it because her songs aren’t written to showcase it. In essence, Big Fat Lie is another lacklustre pop album that won’t make a dent on the charts, which is a shame for her as a singer. We are still yet to see what Scherzinger can really do.

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