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A New Day – Forever Tonight | EP Review

A New Day are set to drop their new EP this coming August. Check out what we thought about it!

A New Day - Forever Tonight EP

Credit: Album Art

Essex rockers A New Day are relatively new to the scene as a whole, but individually bring their own experience to the project to the point where they pull off a level of professionalism that isn’t common within bands so early in the game. Putting them at an advantage, their new EP Forever Tonight is a well put together record that is sure to aid them in building a bigger fanbase.

The band cite their influences as bands such as All Time LowJimmy Eat World and Green Day, and that’s quite apparent if first track ‘Boyfriend‘ is anything to go by. The similar riffs and gang vocals almost sound familiar as they are a technique used by many a pop punk band – fortunately A New Day have something that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd; British flair, which is something that makes the track even more likeable.

Faith In Me‘ is very much the same; another shot for A New Day to show off what they’re made of by proving that pop rock/punk is not a genre solely conquered by American bands. The Ramones famous chant, “hey, ho, let’s go!” can be heard within this track if you listen close enough, and it’s a surprise that may cause a giggle but also have you respecting that this is a band who is thankful to their influences by using what they have been raised on in a positive way.

Rounding off is ‘Call You Mine (I Don’t Want To)‘, with its heavy Blink-182 feel to its lyrics and melody, not to mention an incredibly catchy chorus and a breakdown that completes the song. Vocalist Chris Tunnicliffe could very easily be mistaken for Mark Hoppus on this track, and that is most certainly a good thing.

‘Solid’ is one word that can be used to describe this material, and it’s quite clear that once released that is going to be the general opinion of most people who listen to it. A New Day is a difficult genre for British bands to succeed in but they’ve managed to pull it off flawlessly, cementing them in having made it on to the the first rung of the ladder. From there, they can surely only go on up!

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