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Natives – The Garage, London – 09-10-14 | Live Review

Natives are filling a support slot with their huge sound on Blitz Kids’ UK tour. See what we thought of their London set here

Source: Rhian Westbury

British 5-piece Natives start their set tonight as they mean to go on, with high-energy rock. They enter the stage to a prerecorded instrumental with the drummer joining in and the guitarist on the cowbell. The crowds attention is immediately caught as they begin clapping without a prompt.

Only the second song into the set vocalist Jim Thomas is encouraging crowd, getting most of the audience crouched on the floor to jump up as the soft bridge launches back into a powerful chorus. While it seems at first that his plan would work, the crowd doesn’t really know the track, prompting some to stand early. There is, however, a large increase in the amount of people jumping and dancing as the energetic refrain hits.

Source: Rhian Westbury

This is a sign of how the rest of the set continues with an enthusiastic crowd and tunes with a solid beat. Even the slightly slower song of the set has people moving along to the rhythm.

As if the crowd needs more encouragement, after guitarist, Jack Fairbrother, has snapped a few polaroid pictures of the crowd, Jim offers one of the images up to whoever goes craziest during the next song. With plenty of dancers and a few people up on their friends shoulders a bar is raised, only to be beaten by someone standing on top of the crowd.

Natives really get the crowd going and their musicianship and the pure power in Jim Thomas’ vocals create a big sound, enough to pump up and audience twice the size of the one they are playing to today.

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