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Nai Harvest – Hairball | Album Review

Nai Harvest have released their new album Hairball. Read here to see what we thought.

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Nai Harvest have released their new album Hairball, and the best friend duo are trying to stamp out their sound after endless touring.

Firstly the album kicks off with ‘Spin’ which flows into a summer, feel good indie-rock beat, and the lyrics are unique, one might say. This one is definitely a tune that would go down well at a festival, or blasting during a summer road trip to the beach. It’s fair to see we will get a classic old sound to an indie blare of rock coming from Nai Harvest.

Similarly, ‘Sick on My Heart’ has a frenetic buzz and ups the amp usage which can only mean good things for our heavier beat lovers. Although be warned, there is a similar sound recurring here, just at a faster pace. By the third track in (‘All the Time’) and the hooks are still the same, it starts to become a bit of a letdown.

And after the fourth, ‘Drinking Bleach’ and the melody is still slightly the same…it grates a little bit. However, we can say that they do slow down the tempo which companies the mood of the track which moans and groans over a certain someone.

It’s good to note that sometimes it’s a blessing to hear a unique voice, but sometimes it can blur into noise and fuzz. Unfortunately this is the case for Nai Harvest, however if you like getting lost in a mass funk the beat and cymbals will carry you through enjoyably.

But don’t be too lost, things start looking up with ‘Buttercups’. Although the sound doesn’t differ too much, the vocals truly match the passionate emotion. Feel like a low life? Not anymore with this track, we are happy to have a truly great highlight.

And things take a turn for the better after, because ‘Ocean of Madness’ is our all time favourite from the record. It has true substance to it and the melody and sound is completely new. It smashes all previous expectations. We really believe this is the song that is going to connect to listeners who look for that deep meaning with honest music about the hardships. We have no doubts it will be the bands winning track for Hairball.

Finally the title track ‘Hairball’ is a funky track that explodes with a lot of ‘awkward kid’ energy, and it’s one those underdogs will truly love to listen to. So, although Hairball has it’s ups and down’s, the duo really do put their all into the music, and the record if anything is fuelled by the aggressive cymbal smashing and guitar hooks. With signs of potential, Nai Harvest could be a band to keep a watch on.

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