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Municipal Waste – Slime And Punishment | Album Review

Municipal Waste are back with their first album in five years, have the titans still got it?

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This far into the game, you pretty much know what you’re going to get from Richmond’s Municipal Waste their high octane, fast paced style has remained a charming success for them over their sixteen year tenure as a band; and despite a host of lineup changes, the five piece have always remained a focused, clinical bunch.

Sixth full length studio album Slime And Punishment is the bands first in five years, the sizeable gap between records gave enough time for a taste of yearning to build for the quintet, and their return is as much of a smack in the chops as you were hoping for it to be.18

Smashing out of the gates like a bull, album opener ‘Breathe Grease’ can in fact be used as a summary for the whole record – lined with a sound of thrashing punk and spitfire vocals, Municipal Waste’s crossover sound is as pungent as ever.

While tracks such as ‘Shrednecks’ and ‘Death Proof’ feature more elements of stomp, Slime And Punishment remains a consistent shot of adrenaline to the bloodstream – felt most prominently in ‘Low Tolerance’ and ‘Poison The Preacher’  which shred through the album at blinding pace.

Clocking in at around the 30 minute mark, and with 14 tracks, Slime And Punishment comes and goes almost instantaneously, but new guitarist Nick Poulos adds thickening layers to Municipal Waste’s sound throughout the record that makes Slime And Punishment more than just a quick flash in the pan. The sound accomplished here is crafted, and executed with precision and poise throughout.

Municipal Waste are a band that have already secured the type of following that will endear them into their fans hearts forever, at this point every time the Richmond quintet go in the studio it’s for fun, and that’s what comes across here. Slime And Punishment is a blasting punk album that brings with it all the characteristics of a band with little yet to prove, but lots more to say.

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