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Motley Crue Bode A Triumphant Farewell At Their Last UK Festival Appearance

Motley Crue turn Download Festival into an cesspool of emotion with their final UK festival performance. Here’s what we thought of the set.

Mötley Crüe

Source: Danny North

It is not often that you see a whole crowd full of pissed up metalheads get rather emotional. Wait… what? Metalheads have a rhythmic pattern in their hearts, which enables them to be sensitive?! You damn right they do. On this occasion, it is the final UK festival based farewell from legendary Californian glam metal quartet Motley Crue.

This was always going to be a massive drawing point at Download Festival, but being the main support to Kiss, there was only so many songs that Motley Crue were able to fit in to this 70 minute set for the overwhelmingly large crowd that turns up to see them. The set is is pretty much a greatest hits set full of absolute stormers such as ‘Too Fast For Love’, ‘Same Ol’ Situation’, a thunderous rendition of ‘Dr Feelgood’, ‘Live Wire’, and many more that you would come to expect at a classic Crue show. There was even a rather respectful and fitting version of the Sex Pistols ‘Anarchy In The UK for good measure! Although that did not go without a couple of slips – quite literally Vince Neil stacking it on stage at one particular point, landing right on his backside! There were also a couple of moments where he forgot a few of his lines, but all can be forgiven on an occasion like this.

Mötley Crüe

Source: Danny North

But it is not until they come back on for a one song encore with ‘Home Sweet Home’, that a vast majority of this crowd are reduced to tears of sadness and joy during a highly emotive last number. Seriously, it was like thousands of grown men had all just been forced to watch The Notebook! It was both a moving yet startling experience, but even those who are not overt Crue fans knew they were watching something special today.

A terrific stage production, a lively set which even saw the usually comatose Mick Mars moving about (props to this guitar legend!), and an ever present back catalogue full of great tunes and immense crowd interaction. If you haven’t already, for the love of mercy go and see them off on their final tour later this year. There you will get to properly say goodbye. But for now, this was just a taster of the emotion that is to come. Salutations to you all brothers Sixx, Lee, Mars, and Neil!

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