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Montrose – Monster Under The Bed | EP Review

Montrose are releasing their new EP Monster Under The Bed, check out what the new material has to offer.

Source: EP Cover

Source: EP Artwork

Pop Punk band Montrose have released a new EP Monster Under The Bed, and it seems the aim of the EP is to show fans that they do not want to lose the sound they have already created. With 6 tracks they show us just enough to make a statement of who they are, but to still present different skills with a grittier tone. They introduce some punchy guitars and riffs that collide with kinetic synergy, which aims to make a statement for their new material.
Exampled right at the start in ‘Underperformer’ where the hooks are so intricate that you just know it would sound insane live. The beats are inherently rock, however the vocals take a punk tone the whole way through. Some hardcore chanting, or slick melodies would have gone down a treat and then we’d have each genre covered. However if anything you will not be denied a powerful headbanging session.
‘The End Game’ has the tempo spot on and the whole track just works, with a mellow lull halfway through to mirror the disappointment of a relationship gone wrong. The almost spoken lyrics really work in this sense, however we could argue there’s some creativity lost. It’s difficult sometimes with pop punk, because a lot of it can sound the same, and a lot of cliches can be dropped in the mix. It’s hard to step away from influencers and brand something completely new, but still maintain within the genre and have something worthwhile to say.   Similarly with ‘Blush’ that’s an odd compilation of good hooks yet again, but the tone is a bit lost.
Although there are instances like ‘Walking Contradiction’ where pop-punk can just be fun, and without wanting to make a statement. However, we may not like that they make assumptions that all guys are walking contradictions. Although if you like straight to the point songs, ‘Good Old Day’s’ is one yo’d probably like. The swing into the chorus works, and the chorus itself is catchy and will stick right in your head.
However the best is saved for last, as ‘Fit For A King’ is one of our favourites. The beat is catchy and light the whole way through, with just the right amount of rocky edge. The small chants that are reminiscent of early A Day To Remember, which is always a plus.
Overall we can appreciate the EP for discussing those things that keep you awake at night, and this may be something that relates to fans, whilst they can still tap their fingers and rock their head to-and-fro. But it’s nothing all that new, and nothing which gets us clawing for another listen.

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