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Miss May I – Shadows Inside | Album Review

Metalcore experts Miss May I are back with a new album. Is this the effort that leads them to their biggest stardom yet?

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Ohio’s Miss May I are a band that have always seemed to be on the cusp of achieving greatness in the nearing decade-long tenure as a metalcore quintet. What has undoubtedly been accomplished by Miss May I however – is a stigma of consistency that has followed them throughout every record they have released. From debut release Apologies Are For The Weak, right down to their previous effort Deathless; Miss May I have nailed a blueprint to the wall and refuse to budge from it, and rightfully so.

New record Shadows Inside doesn’t see the corers’ depart from what they have previously established, but it does see them continue to make strides in the field. Falling into a style akin to Caliban, Shadows Inside achieves high levels of both interesting ambiance and tooth grinding grit.

The record is a proverbial checklist of metalcore – including all the appropriate flavours to produce an eclectic mix of everything fans of the genre could want/expect. Both the title track and ‘Casualties’ ooze heat and pace, with bending solos added in for good measure, while ‘Crawl’ and ‘Death Knows My Name’ remain more groove-centric, slithering along with a real hard rock hook.

Not particularly expansive or looking to break new ground, Shadows Inside is a competent, slobbing metalcore record which remains palatable throughout. With guitar work that can never be questioned and moments of somber that descend into chaos with great effect – there’s something within the album that soothes an itch throughout.

While it’s unlikely for this album to be the gasoline that could set Miss May I’s fire ablaze to new heights, Shadows Inside simply reaffirms that Miss May I are a metalcore band that you can count on for quality when you need it. One of the most consistent bands in the genre strike again with a fitting album full of venomous bite.

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